The Role Of A Wedding Planner : What Do They Do?

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At Posh Events and Co, we understand the importance of wedding planners and the role they play in making your wedding day truly special. We are a luxury wedding, party, and corporate event planner in Toronto, ON, and we have years of experience in planning and coordinating weddings of all sizes and styles. In this blog, we will be discussing the role of a wedding planner and what we do to make your big day unforgettable.


Initial Consultation:
The first step in our process is to schedule an initial consultation with the bride and groom. During this consultation, we get to know the couple, their preferences, and their vision for their wedding day. This meeting allows us to understand what the couple is looking for in their wedding planner and how we can help them achieve their dream wedding.

Wedding Planning:
After the initial consultation, we begin the wedding planning process. This includes creating a wedding timeline, finding vendors, and coordinating all aspects of the wedding day. We work closely with the couple to ensure that their vision for their special day is brought to life. We take care of all the details so that the couple can focus on enjoying their day with their loved ones.

Vendor Coordination:
One of the most important roles of a wedding planner is to coordinate with all of the vendors involved in the wedding. This includes the florist, caterer, DJ, photographer, and more. We make sure that all vendors are aware of the timeline and are set up and ready to go before the wedding ceremony begins.

Wedding Day Coordination:
On the day of the wedding, we take care of all of the details so that the couple can relax and enjoy their day. We make sure that everything is set up correctly, that the vendors arrive on time, and that everything runs smoothly. We coordinate with the venue staff and ensure that everything is in place for the ceremony and reception. We are there to handle any issues that may arise so that the couple can focus on their special day.

Post-Wedding Follow-Up:
After the wedding, the wedding planner's work isn't done yet. We conduct a post-wedding follow-up to ensure that everything went smoothly and that the couple is satisfied with the outcome. This includes following up with vendors, sending thank-you notes to guests, and addressing any issues or concerns that may have arisen. We also provide the couple with a timeline of their special day, as well as any photos or videos that were captured. 


As you can see, the role of a wedding planner is crucial in ensuring that your dream wedding becomes a reality. We are luxurious weddings and events planning boutique that thrives to not only create beautiful weddings but do so in the most flawless and seamless way possible.

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