Why You Shouldn’t DIY Wedding Planning

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Many couples make the mistake of thinking they can DIY their way through their wedding and feel that it will save them some money. However, after you factor in the time it takes to find the materials, go to the store or buy items online dozens of times, or make a mistake and start all over, DIY can be more expensive than simply asking someone else to do it for you. Some things just need to be left to the professionals. There is a reason why there are many professionals in this industry.

Having expertise in the field, we at Posh Events and Co want to help you understand why married couples should not DIY their own wedding, no matter how crafty they are!

1. Hair and makeup
You may be amazing at doing your own makeup and hair, but trust us, you don’t want to be doing your own makeup and hair on your wedding day. You don’t want to have the stress of waking up and having to do your makeup and hair on the hectic wedding day. You want to be pampered on the morning of your wedding. You want to just sit and relax and have someone do the work for you. This is why hiring a professional makes sense. Have a trial and consultation with your makeup and hair artist so that they know exactly what you want for your big day. This way, you are not worried about not looking your best on your wedding day.

2. DJ
Many couples make the mistake of thinking a DJ just presses the play and stop button when playing music. This is why they believe that they can ask their cousin or friend to plug in their phones and play any song. That is definitely not the case. A professional DJ knows how to mix the right music and which songs to play and when to get the crowd excited and going. They know how to deal with any technical issues, whereas your cousin or friend might not.

3. MC (Master of Ceremonies)
Couples also feel that they can have a friend or a family member MC their wedding reception, but the truth is that there are professionals out there who can do that! They know how to engage the guests and entertain them. They know how to speak with confidence and make the event super fun and exciting. They also know how to make the event flow well. If the next item on the agenda is running a little late, they will throw in a few jokes to kill some time, and the guests will have no idea what is happening. And of course, why make your family and friends work on your big day?!

4. Décor and floral arrangements
A lot of crafty brides and their bridesmaids feel they can make floral arrangements and do some of the décor themselves. And we are sure that a lot of brides are able to create amazing floral arrangements, but trust us, you do not want to have to go a day before your wedding and purchase florals to make floral arrangements the night before your wedding. And you definitely don’t want to have to go to the venue on the morning of your wedding to set up décor. You should be relaxed and stress-free during the week of your wedding so you can enjoy your pre-wedding events and your big day. Let the professionals go early and set everything up for you and have your bouquets and boutonnieres delivered to your house.

5. Photography and cinematography
Your friend may have an awesome camera, but don’t have them take your wedding pictures and videos. These are memories that you will cherish forever and show to your children and grandchildren. Have a professional take them in the right lighting and right angle so you can be proud of these pictures and videos and want to show them off to your family and friends.

Do things right - Hire a professional
Your wedding day is meant to be such a special day for you and your spouse! That is why there are so many wedding pros out there to help you have your dream day. There are vendors for everything you require at your wedding, such as stationery, wedding cake, outfits, entertainment, catering, and the list goes on. They are all there to make your life easier. You may feel that you can do some of these things on your own, but the stress that you will cause yourself will definitely not be worth it. Wedding planning should be a fun process, and we wedding planners, along with all other vendors in the industry, want to make that possible for you!

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