Wedding Trends That Occurred During The Pandemic But Are Here To Stay!

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After a challenging year and a half with Zoom celebrations and postponed weddings, new trends are shaping the ways couples say “I do.” With the pandemic affecting the how, when, and where of weddings, the industry has witnessed some unique ways to adapt to the new normal. From smaller guest lits to more backyard weddings, couples are being far more intentional about the choices they make for their weddings.

At Posh events and Co, we primarily cater to South Asian weddings where we usually have a much larger guest count, but due to the pandemic, couples were forced to cut their guest count. However, we feel that couples are beginning to like the smaller wedding trend more as it is just close family and friends and they are able to mingle with everyone. Smaller weddings also allow couples to allocate their budget towards other categories such as décor, photography, wedding attire, other minor details, etc.

To accommodate smaller weddings, many are opting for backyard weddings as they offer intimate settings. Moreover, couples are beginning to realize that their clean slate backyards can be transformed into something beautiful for their wedding. We had the opportunity to plan and coordinate some amazing intimate wedding ceremonies of this nature. They were fun to work on, and the results were absolutely stunning.

We are looking forward to a fantastic wedding season ahead, even if we have to plan more intimate setups. We definitely feel the wedding industry is picking up now as things are beginning to go back to normal, and couples are eager to get married and don’t want to wait much longer. We do still feel that we will see more “intimate weddings” post-pandemic compared to pre-COVID as couples are beginning to like the idea of having a smaller intimate ceremony with just their close family and friends. Here are some of the wedding trends we noticed, which are most likely here to stay!

1. Intimate weddings
We will be planning and coordinating more intimate weddings vs. the large South Asian weddings, which we are all accustomed to. With smaller wedding celebrations, we will have to focus on a curated guest list of close family and friends where the couple will be able to speak and mingle with every guest at their wedding.

2. More backyard weddings
As couples realize how intimate and beautiful a backyard wedding can be and how it can be transformed into whatever their vision is, we expect to see more backyard weddings. There are no limits as most backyards are a clean slate, and we can get creative and make it very customized to the liking of our couples.

We absolutely love backyard weddings as they can be transformed into whatever the couple has envisioned. We can get creative and think outside the box for couples rather than be limited to how a venue looks. As a result, we believe that backyard weddings will be a trend that is here to stay.

3. Unique and different venues
A smaller guest count has allowed us to help find venues that are different and unique. This includes venues that many South Asian couples could not book due to their large guestlists. But with intimate weddings and a smaller guest count, they can have their weddings in these venues. Outdoor venues with tents definitely became a trend during the pandemic as wedding ceremonies had fewer restrictions outdoors vs. indoors. But this has led to couples seeing how beautiful outdoor weddings and tented weddings are. We will be able to get creative when recommending venues to our clients if they have a smaller guest count as many hidden gems are smaller, super cute, and have awesome outdoor options.

4. Weekday weddings
The pandemic has forced couples to postpone their weddings to weekdays or an off-season month as most weekends are getting booked up quickly in the coming months. But this has allowed couples to realize that they can save more money on weekdays than on the weekend. Venues usually offer a much better deal for a weekday wedding vs. a weekend wedding. And if clients have an intimate wedding with just close family and friends, chances are everyone invited will try to get the day off from work to attend the wedding. If this trend picks up, we will be busy not only on weekends with events, but it seems like our weekdays will be booked too.

5. Focus on more details
With a small guest count, couples can focus and allocate more money towards the small details. We can help them have a wedding that reflects them and their unique culture, personality, and love story. This can include a more personalized signage, adding more florals, fancier cutlery, and tableware, fancier chairs, creating a theme for the wedding so when guests arrive, they can see it is a reflection of the couple.

We can help create weddings for more detail-oriented couples and have aspects to the wedding that the couple wished for but could not have as most of their budget was allocated to a large number of guests. We can even create more extravagant and luxurious weddings at the same budget with a smaller guest count.

That said, irrespective of the trends, we will make sure that our clients ‘big day will still be beautiful, no matter what. We are here to cater to and support our couples’ visions and ensure their wedding goes as planned.

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