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Posh Events and Co is a luxurious wedding and event planning boutique that thrives to not only create beautiful weddings but do so in the most flawless and seamless way possible. We have several wedding planning and coordination packages, including our Full Wedding Planning, Partial Wedding, Month Of Coordination, and others, which will help our clients have a stress-free experience on their wedding day and throughout the planning experience.

Planning a wedding can get very overwhelming when you see all the different options on Pinterest and Instagram and all the different vendors in the industry, but with our knowledge and expertise of the wedding industry, we help find the right vendors that will match your budget and vision. There are a lot of last-minute and unexpected things that can arise on the day of your wedding, but we always have a plan B in mind that will overcome that issue without our couples even knowing there was an issue. As experts in the field, hiring us will ensure that your wedding day is something you and your partner will remember your entire lifetime. 

If you are a couple who is busy with their work and social life or planning from a distance, or just not too keen on researching vendors, venues and other aspects of the wedding experience, our Full Wedding Planning Package may fit very well for you. Our full wedding planning service aims to provide professional guidance and support, from finding the right venues and vendors that match your visions and budget to making sure that all logistics are managed flawlessly.

You may also be a couple who has planned the wedding and have booked the venues and vendors but need help with making sure the last few items are checked off and bringing everything together on the day of, then the Month of Coordination package may be a good fit for you!

The purpose of our services is to make sure our couples are not getting overwhelmed and stressed with planning and coordinating their wedding. With our years of experience in executing various types of weddings, we have come up with a simplified and thoughtful process that will lead to a stress-free experience for our couples and their loved ones.

Benefits of working with us
1. Couples and their loved ones are able to have a stress-free Wedding Planning experience throughout the planning process and on their Wedding day.

2. Couples are able to have their dream wedding without doing the work for it. We will put in all the work to make sure their dream wedding comes to life.

3. We will only recommend trustworthy and reliable vendors so couples can be at ease and make sure they are getting the bank for the buck.

Most clients are unsure of how to go about planning or coordinating their wedding prior to booking us as they get overwhelmed and are not sure where to start from. A lot of times, couples try to book multiple vendors at once and get themselves stressed out when starting to plan their wedding. Once they have their initial consultation with us, we first try to understand what our couples are looking for and then go over our packages in detail and the process we will be following to ensure they get the dream wedding they are looking for without overwhelming themselves.

We like to follow certain steps when planning a wedding. We like to go in order when booking vendors so we can focus on one or two vendors at once for our couples and then move on to the next one once the previous vendor is booked. Couples usually also don’t know how to organize all these vendor contracts and payment schedules, checklists, itineraries, etc.

We have a platform to ensure our couples can stay organized. We are open to our clients asking us anything about our services that they are unsure about. Our couples can refer to our “Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wedding Planning Services blog or ask them during our initial consultation. Our prices are customized depending on what our clients are looking for.

Send us an email to or an inquiry, and we would be more than happy to set up a virtual consultation to go over everything that you are looking for, and we can then provide you with a quote. We are a service-based company, so after our initial consultation, if you decide to go ahead with us, send us an email, and we can send over the contract to you and once you sign it, we can get the process started right away. We have multiple packages.

If you feel our Full Wedding Planning Package, Partial Planning Package or Month of Coordination does not fit with what you are looking for. We also do hourly consultation if there is something very specific you need help with. We also have packages for Destination Weddings, Proposals, Corporate Events, etc.

If you are looking for a luxury wedding, party and corporate event planner in Toronto, ON, reach out to us at Posh Events and Co. As the best luxury wedding, corporate, and event planning company in Toronto, ON, we offer customized services. We specialize in event planning for Indian, Pakistani, South Asian, and Caucasian weddings.

Our services include full and partial wedding planning and coordination, a month of coordination, micro weddings, wedding planning consultation, and proposals. We also offer party planning for other special occasions. To learn more about how we can help you, please click here or contact us by clicking here


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